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Unlimited scalability

Dapps run on dedicated blockchains which can scale horizontally to accommodate any number of users.

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On-chain logic & storage

Reduce your dependency on centralized servers, off-chain data, third party indexers, and more. Our platform places a premium on maximizing decentralization.

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Rell programming language

Rell is a more developer friendly variant of SQL, one of the world’s most widely used coding languages. Designed specifically for our unique relational blockchain model, Rell delivers significant gains in both efficiency and security over competitors.

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Layer-1 and EVM Layer-2

Chromia delivers a standalone Layer-1 solution, while also offering Layer-2 enhancements for projects on EVM chains. 

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Customizable fee structures

Developers choose how to collect fees from users, enabling innovative economic models and new ways of monetizing dapps.  

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Next-Gen Originals NFTs

Our powerful Originals standard moves metadata on-chain and introduces embedded logic that allows NFTs to evolve over time, interact with each other, and even combine to form new NFTs. 

Chromia’s providers power a world of possibilities

Chromia’s relational blockchain offers a new vision for decentralized applications, delivering superior data and transaction throughput while offering a more streamlined experience for both users and developers.

Use Rell to efficiently code complex dapps and deploy them to their own dedicated chain.

Hierarchical anchoring, hardened bridges, interchain messaging, and a sophisticated token hub give your application all of the necessary tools for success while keeping it connected to the rest of the Chromia network as well as external EVM blockchains.

This is the Chromia vision.

Network providers

Providers are the backbone of the Chromia network, similar to miners or validators. Each provider can run multiple nodes, and support multiple blockchains within the network.

System & dapp chains

The network is divided into ‘system blockchains’ that provide core network functions, and ‘dapp blockchains’ which host decentralized applications.

Earn by running a node

Providers are paid in Chroma (CHR) tokens for running nodes and producing blocks. Each dapp generates revenue streams from its users in order to pay providers.

System providers

System providers form the highest administrative council in the Chromia network and can support both system and dapp chains, while standard providers exclusively support dapp chains. 

Flexible fee structures

Dapp developers are given the freedom to choose their fee structure (subscription, per transaction, freemium, etc.). This flexibility enables innovative fee models and new ways of monetizing dapps.

Staking & Governance

CHR holders can participate in governance by delegating their staked tokens to providers they wish to support.  Delegating stake to a provider increases their likelihood of being selected to provide nodes to new blockchains that are created.

Testnet expansion phase

In January 2023, Chromia launched its Mark 2 Testnet.

Throughout 2023, the Testnet Expansion Phase will build upon this foundation in preparation for the launch of mainnet. This process will center around four fundamental goals.

See roadmap
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Feature integration

In 2022, the development team completed coding on several mainnet components

Through the expansion phase, these components will further refined and integrated to the testnet

When all features are implemented and tested, the testnet will reach feature parity with mainnet.

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Provider network growth

Testnet will launch with a small group of providers arranged in a single cluster . Over time, we will be adding additional providers while perfecting the onboarding process.

As the testnet progresses, providers will add additional nodes and multi-cluster support will be enabled. By the conclusion of the expansion phase, the provider network will be sufficiently decentralized and reach full functionality.

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Ecosystem growth

Existing and upcoming projects will be onboarded throughout the expansion phase

We will begin by testing core functions like dapp deployment and provider node selection . Over time, dapps will become more complex as additional features are integrated.

We will continue building the ecosystem through incubation programs, grants, and developer directed marketing.

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Raising awareness

The expansion phase provides the opportunity to build awareness among developers, entrepreneurs, and the community.

Monthly updates will provide info about the features, providers, and dapps being added to testnet. After a mainnet launch date is set, a focused marketing campaign will maximize interest and awareness of Chromia.