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Real-World Assets Come On-Chain

Tokenizing real-world assets is the next step for financial services and is poised to change the way we fundraise, onboard investors, structure governance, pay, trade, custody, and innovate throughout the capital-raising supply chain.

Introducing the Ledger Digital Asset Protocol

With the Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP), sponsors can reach more investors while reducing the cost of issuance. On-chain issuance removes the need for intermediaries like brokers and centralized asset repositories, reduces compliance costs, and makes investment products with stable returns available to much wider investor segments worldwide.

Programmable Compliance

Complex rule sets like AML and KYC compliance can be programmed directly into the token and supporting dapp processes to ensure full alignment with regulatory authorities.

Reduced Costs

The smart contract protocol handles minting, transfers, and whitelisting functions without the added cost and complexity of utilizing intermediaries.


Fully digital, immutable, and auditable transactions are recorded to the blockchain ledger in real-time without settlement delays.


All transaction are cryptographically signed and date/time stamped on chain. Critical transactions utilize a multi-signature wallet approval framework.

Increased Liquidity

Tokenization unlocks trillions of dollars in value currently locked in illiquid assets and enables trading 24/7.


Tokenization allows investors to own and trade fractions of an asset, making high-value assets more affordable and allows previously inaccessible groups and demographics to become investors.

Broad variety of use cases

The LDAP protocol is designed for a variety of projects issuing investable asset-backed tokens across a variety of industries including real estate, lending, CO2 reduction projects, and start-up capital investments.

They include:

  • Fund Managers

  • Fintechs/Crowdfunding Platforms

  • Single Raises

  • Web3/Crypto Projects

A end-to-end white-label solution

The open-source protocol can be integrated directly into an existing platform and programmed to sync with current workflows, issuance and investor processes.The protocol is also used in commercial implementations: Bloqhouse who provides a white-label, feature-rich UI that includes a marketplace, payment module, investor onboarding, full reporting, and an administrative portal to name just a few features. Alternatively, projects can utilize a hybrid approach where they build the UI, integrate the LDAP protocol, and simply use Bloqhouse for compliance services like KYC and AML.



Projects Using the Ledger Digital Asset Protocol

Bloqhouse Technologies is a one-stop-shop private label funding platform that meets all the current and future needs for fund managers and companies looking to raise capital. Built to service the next generation of investors and democratize access to financial markets. is a leading real estate investment platform that connects investors with high-quality single and multi-family home projects. provides a secure and accessible investment platform, revolutionizing the way investors access and manage real-world assets.

Real estate investment platform Immotokens give investors an overview of real estate investment propositions, allowing them to select investments, check their monthly earnings and follow performance metrics.

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