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Structured Data Powered by Relational Blockchain

Chromia creates new possibilities in Web3 by fundamentally changing the structure of blockchain data.

Immutable, decentralized, and structured? Yep, yeah, and yas.

Unlike traditional blockchains that rely on simple lists, Chromia innovates by storing data in relational tables. This architecture boosts efficiency, unlocking new possibilities and enabling complex use cases.

  • Natively query on-chain data

  • Perform thousands of read and write operations with a single blockchain transaction

  • Block data is automatically indexed, removing the need for third-party indexers

Decentralized Data as a Service

Filechain and Filehub

Use our powerful and adaptable utilities to upload NFT images and metadata, add redundancy for critical content, or anything you want to store on-chain.

Decentralized Relational Databases

Many Web3 companies and crypto projects rely on centralized solutions to store their relational data. Commit to decentralization by deploying your relational data on Chromia.

Application Data Layers

Store public records, order books, AI data, and more. Any application that uses complex data sets and requires security and transparency can benefit from Chromia.

Use Case

VfB Stuttgart Digital Collectibles Marketplace

Launched in November 2023, VfB Stuttgart’s marketplace uses Filechain and Filehub to store images and metadata directly on-chain with Chromia. This application provides a proof of concept for Chromia based NFTs, while showcasing utilities that NFT collections from any chain can use to remove their reliance on centralized infrastructure.

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