MVP Mainnet is live!

NFTs Done Right

On Chromia, NFTs can be enhanced by programmable logic. This opens new possibilities for digital assets that are no longer static, but dynamic.

Create Something Original

Traditional NFTs offer limited scope for interactivity and programmability. They are often used as mere proof of ownership without deeper layers of engagement or functionality.

Chromia changes this by enabling designers to add extra features to non-fungible assets, making it possible to merge NFTs through crafting, produce limited-use items, upgrade objects, and more.

How Decentralized is Your NFT?

On EVM chains, NFT tokens can only hold small quantities of metadata and as a result many of them rely on external services to store information and images.

On Chromia, NFT tokens, their metadata, and any associated content and logic is stored on-chain. This removes external dependencies and creates self contained digital assets.

Start Building on Chromia