MVP Mainnet is live!
Open until August 30


Complete various missions, guided by a convenient and user-friendly dashboard interface.

Reward Pool:100K $CHR

How Do I Participate?

QuestNet Dashboard

Click here to be directed to the QuestNet Dashboard. The Dashboard shows you all available quests, and tracks your progress.


If you are staking CHR on Ethereum or Binance Chain, you are eligible to start the QuestNet process.

If you are not a staker, participate by using an EVM address that has at least 10 total transactions on Ethereum or Binance Chain.


Work through the quests on the dashboard, aiming for a 100% completion rate. New quests will be added periodically over the course of the QuestNet program.  


Our social media channels and blog will be regularly updated with QuestNet related content.

Reward Pool Details

The QuestNet program will award a minimum total of 100K $CHR tokens

The allocation of these rewards will be determined by a series of lotteries held at the conclusion of the QuestNet program. 

One advantage of relational blockchain is that the QuestNet will build a detailed database of all the accounts that interact with it. This will allow the team to filter accounts based on a variety of criteria and draw winners automatically. 

As an anti-bot measure, the exact criteria used to determine lottery eligibility will not be disclosed ahead of time. In general, the way to maximize your potential rewards is to complete all available quests, check the dashboard regularly, and stay informed about QuestNet by following Chromia on Telegram and X.

QuestNet FAQ

Join The Adventure

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