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Unique Architecture

Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database.

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Plays well with Ethereum

Chromia is an independent Layer One, or a Layer Two to ship fast things faster.

Chromia for Games

Chromia for Enterprise

Chromia for DeFi

Chromia for Fair Applications


A blockchain is a simple list of transactions. Finding anything requires you to search everything from start to end. A relational database is the tech that powers your social network, your bank, all your non-trivial applications. Our technical solution is for the real world.

Relational database + blockchain = Relational blockchain

Relational Databases

The unsung heroes of the web

You might not think about them much, but databases power your every day. Your bank. Your social network. Your web.

Relational databases are everywhere. Used by 100% of all enterprises. For several decades.

Power to developers

Used in millions of applications by millions of developers. Based on a mathematical foundation and decades of optimization, this technology makes it very easy to manage data. It is also very powerful meaning even complex applications can be built.

As a matter of fact, the Chromia way is the normal way















Among developers , relational database programming is more known than Java, Python, PHP, C#, C. Blockchain languages are not on the top 20 list.

And, the top four kinds of databases are all relational.

BlockChain Bubble


— is basic

Basically fantastic, but also basic. We love blockchain, but it can be better. Finding information fast, structuring it in a good way, building large applications. A ledger is the wrong tool for this. Blockchain is about managing data, how to manage data best is already a solved issue.

How to make a Relational Blockchain


Take a database that is used in production for over 10 years.


Add a light software layer that handles voting and consensus.


Put a chain of transactions, a blockchain, inside the database.

Together 1, 2 and 3 is a Node. Distribute Nodes among several independent participants.

Wiring it together

A request to write data goes to one of the nodes, who sends it to the other nodes. All independent nodes will inspect the request: Is it signed? Does it follow the rules we have agreed to, given the current data I see in my local database? If so, the node will vote Yes. Once the nodes are in agreement, the actual writing is done, and it is also logged in the blockchain.

combined together you get


You now have a database that is also a blockchain. Now you can enjoy the user-friendliness, power, and logic of a proper database when you implement a bright future.


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Plays well
with ethereum

Chromia can be a Layer Two to Ethereum, making use of cheaper and faster development time as well as cheaper and faster transactions. This is how Hedget creates a marketplace for financial options, DeFi made faster playing well with Ethereum. Read below on why Relational Blockchain makes development faster.

Enterprise blockchain

built on enterprise technology

Chromia is built on relational database technology, meaning decades of real world enterprise technology used in all industries. Chromia can be used as a private, public or hybrid blockchain.

Private Enterprise vector
As an enterprise private or hybrid blockchain.

The Chromia Platform originated from enterprise use-cases, pioneering work done in Land Registration and E-Currencies. The unique roots in relational databases and smooth hybrid capabilities is fantastic news for enterprises.

Public Enterprise vector
As an independent public blockchain.

Fast and easy development, intuitive for users. This is how decentralized social networks and games can have full logic on-chain, but also how new financial applications and transparent enterprise applications can be built.

try our tools for

Rell, a uniquely productive language

To improve security and productivity even more, we have created Rell, our take on a universal language that is easier to learn and more efficient to work with. It's based on SQL, which most developers know.

Rell is highly efficient and permits fewer lines of code than other blockchain languages.

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Relational blockchain

The power of a blockchain combined with a relational database.

Block Explorer

Chromia Explorer is a fully decentralized blockchain explorer, which allows users to visualize transactions and activities on different chains.

Single sign-on

The Chromia Vault Single Sign On (SSO) is a unique feature created to reduce password entering without compromising users’ security.

Chromia Vault

Chromia Vault allows users to manage their tokens and dapps on the Chromia blockchain.

Chromia CHR Logo Icon

the CHR token

Chroma (CHR) is the native token designed to empower the Chromia platform and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between developers, users, and investors.

The CHR token’s main purposes

Act as platform currency

Payment of hosting fees

Ecosystem staking

System-wide purposes

Power to the Public

We believe in a publicly hosted application infrastructure, a vision of a reformed internet which is truly aligned with the needs of their users. We believe in a public sector that is for the people, free of corruption and inefficiencies. We believe we have the tools needed, and we have been working on them since 2012.

Pioneers of Blockchain

Chromia is the brainchild of ChromaWay, a pioneering blockchain company. Back in 2012, Alex Mizrahi the CTO started working together on what can be called the first implementation of user-defined assets on a blockchain, called colored coins. This creation was absolutely revolutionary. We are sure you have heard about tokens.

ChromaWay to Chromia

Since 2014, the three co-founders have been working on solutions for banks, enterprises, governments and private institutions and have built a team with people from all over the world. ChromaWay is a free and open source software company since always, and will not be controlling Chromia which is a true decentralized platform.

Did you know...

Or Perelman
Or Perelman

Co-founder & COO


Did you know...

Henrik Hjelte
Henrik Hjelte

Co-founder & CEO


Did you know...

Alex Mizrahi
Alex Mizrahi

Co-founder & CTO



21M Capital
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gem capital
jrr crypto
NGC capital

Voices from the Community

I found out that there was a workshop for Rell (the programming language for writing dapps on Chromia) in Stockholm. So I went and was pleasantly surprised how easy it looked.

I always thought that building something on the blockchain would be difficult. However, with Chromia and Rell, it really is not.

Viktor Plane
Viktor Plane

Community pioneer April 2020

I was a private sales investor in Chromia and during the due course I got very much involved within the ecosystem as I really liked the Vision in the team members and promise in technology.

One of the rare teams I have seen in this revolutionary Blockchain industry whose prime focus is to keep developing the technology rather than being distracted by other factors. Chromia is going to be the flag-bearer of this Blockchain industry.

Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta

Community pioneer April 2020

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