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at Chromia right now

20th: Prepare for Chromia website release! 😱

21th: My Neighbor Alice’s Animal Adoption Event: The First-Ever NFT sale!@bounce_finance, cute beginning Feb 21st at 12 PM CET! Get your hands on a selection of awesome NFT animals for the Alice universe. See more

24th: Introducing GRA: Innovative tool for next-generation gaming

28th: AMA with our founders in the Chromia Telegram group

News from the Chromia world

NEWS:greatjobAntler Interactive raises $2.1m for My Neighbor Alice. Read more: link

TECH:Layer 2 Prototype

TECH:NFT Standard ‘TokenCraft’ beta release

GAMING:Mines of Dalarnia integration with GRA. Check the latest trailer here

DEFI:Hedget and Hedget Layer 2 Integration

CHROMIA:Begin preliminary steps to enable exchange staking by end of Q2

PARTNER:Ongoing development of supply chain solution with Lingon AB. Read the press-release here lingon

Bubble-id B-name Tag Text
lingon neilyoung-r Partner Doing the Switch!
wow lemon-l Wow!
cute cute-r 21th feb Cute animals!
greatjob punkrock-l Great job!
hello lemon-r News!
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punkrock-l sticky s pink left
neilyoung-r hexagon m steelblue right
lemon-l circle s yellow left
lemon-r circle s yellow right
cute-r cloud m red right
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