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at Chromia right now

21Apr: CHR/USDT pair is now available at Crypto.com landsale

24Apr: Chromia Moving Closer to Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Integration. Read blog

26Apr: My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Rescheduled to Facilitate Audits and Testing. Read blog

4May: ChromaWay VP US Business Development and Partnerships Todd Miller will join NFT.NYC event later in October 2021. Read details

7May: Read what happened in Chromia world in April in our recent Newsletter here

8May: My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Lottery: A Reference Guide

8May: My Neighbor Alice Land Sale portal is now live! Access it here

News from the Chromia world

NEWS: now You can now farm $Alice on Binance Launch Pool by staking BNB, BUSD or CHR

NEWS:Antler Interactive raises $2.1m for My Neighbor Alice. Read more: link

TECH:Layer 2 Prototype

TECH:NFT Standard ‘TokenCraft’ beta release

GAMING:Mines of Dalarnia integration with GRA. Check the latest trailer here

EVENTS:VP US Business Development and Partnerships Todd Miller will participate in Luxembourg Blockchain Week on 29 April 2021

DEFI:Hedget and Hedget Layer 2 Integration

CHROMIA:Begin preliminary steps to enable exchange staking by end of Q2 lingon

PARTNER:Ongoing development of supply chain solution with Lingon AB. Read the press-release here

Bubble-id B-name Tag Text Move
lingon neilyoung-r Partner Doing the Switch! x-100
wow lemon-l Wow! x+50
cute cute-r News Interesting! x+120y-20
greatjob punkrock-l Great job! x+110
now lemon-l Yes Now! x+110
hello lemon-r News!
farm farm-r DeFi/Game Farm to buy cows x+50
landsale farm-r DeFi/Game Acquire land x-100
B-name Shape Size Color Orientation
punkrock-l sticky s pink left
neilyoung-r hexagon m steelblue right
lemon-l circle s yellow left
lemon-r circle s yellow right
cute-r cloud m red right
farm-r cloud m orange right
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