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1Nov: 'Ask a Dev' is back! Watch first part of the Episode 4 featuring Keith McCullough, Workinman COO landsale

3Nov: Corite Announces its first NFT campaign Emotions. Digital merch NFTs by Emery Kelly

4Nov: Chromia Development Updates and October 2021 Recap

5Nov: October Newsletter. Recent news and updates from Chromia and our ecosystem

11Nov: Collect and win $CHR and $ALICE 'Metaverse Special Edition' Binance event

15Nov: Join us for a Virtual Event on Dec 8-9 as ChromaWay taking part as a speaker and the technology partner of the Blockchain Finance Forum

17Nov: Register to win a 'Ticket to Space' with Huobi Trading Platform

18Nov: Mines of Dalarnia, My Neighbor Alice and Chromia launch $80m Metaverse Grant Program

23Nov: New 'Ask a Dev' video Part 4 of Episode 3 is LIVE! Watch it here

News from the Chromia world


CRYPTO:Book your flights, hotels, and activities with $CHR on Travala Travel!

BLOG:Latest blog on Chromia: $80m Metaverse Grant Program

NEWS:Learn about the development of blockchain startups with the ChromaWay team! Details

UPDATE:LAC PropertyChain Takes Another Step Forward in Pilot Program. Read here

PARTNER:Revolve Games is Joining The Chromia Ecosystem!

VIDEO:Chromia in 30 seconds. Watch the video here

EVENTS:Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe - 2nd Edition 8-9 of December 2021. Read details

SOCIAL:Check out our new YouTube Channel dedicated for developers and programmers! Subscribe now lingon

SOCIAL:Follow Chromia on Tik Tok for tutorials!

SOCIAL:Check our Instagram page for more Chromia filled in content!

TECH:Layer 2 solution for decentralized options trading platform Hedget launches on a Chromia testnet sidechain. Read details

GAMING:Welcome to the Mines of Dalarnia Blog! Check the latest MoD videos here

NEWS:Free-to-play game Mines of Dalarnia has closed a funding round of 2.7 million USD

DEFI:Hedget launches on Chromia testnet

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