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12Sep: Report from GAMESCOM - Europe’s leading computer & video games event! landsale

14Sep: Team Chromia will attend Tokyo Game Show 2022 on September 15-18!

17Sep: A reminder to subscribe to Chromia Stories Podcast on Spotify

19Sep: Todd Miller, ChromaWay VP Business and Developement US, will join and present at the European Commercial Real Estate Data Alliance (E-CREDA). Read more

20Sep: My Neighbor Alice announces a Partnership with the ELLE brand! Read more

21Sep: Connect with Or Perelman, Ari Nazir, & Zirui Zhang via #LinkedIn and meet them at Mainnet2022 on September 21-23 in NYC

23Sep: ChromaWay CFO Ebba Theding & CSO Zara Zamani will have a live talk at the All That Matters Asia Event about "The rise of DAOs" in Singapore

24Sep: Chromia's Keerthan Shetty Crypto Business Development and Partnerships for India, will be at TOKEN 2049 in Singapore on September 28-29

25Sep: Mines of Dalarnia is preparing for update that will include New Player Experience and onboardings

26Sep: Khaleej Times published an article about Chromia featuring an interview with ChromaWay Senior Marketing Lead, Anastasia Plane

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CRYPTO:Book your flights, hotels, and activities with $CHR on Travala Travel!

BLOG:Latest blog on Chromia: Report from Gamescom - Europe’s Leading Computer and Video Games Event

UPDATE:ChromaWay’s Relational Blockchain Nebula aims to power the future of the European Union Read here

PARTNER:Introducing Chromia Validator Node Partner: iAngels

DEVELOPER:If you are looking to get started with Chromia and learn the Rell programming language, our developer platform has everything you need

EVENTS:Meet team Chromia at Token2049 conference on September 28-29, 2022 Read details

PODCAST:'Ask a Dev' interview series are now available on Spotify

SOCIAL:Check out our new YouTube Channel dedicated for developers and programmers! Subscribe now

SOCIAL:Follow Chromia on Twitter for latest news and updates!

SOCIAL:Check our Instagram page for more Chromia filled in content!

Roadmap:Ethereum Interoperability Framework (EIF) - Progressed to DONE on Chromia Roadmap lingon

GAMING:Welcome Battle Derby! Battle Derby is the latest P2E blockchain game to join the Chromia ecosystem

NEWS:My Neighbor Alice announces a Partnership with the ELLE brand!

DEFI:Hedget launches on Chromia testnet

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