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Chromia combines blockchain with relational databases. For dapps with smarter features, fairer fees, and richer worlds.

Relational Blockchain, A Fix for Everything

Blockchains are too basic

Blockchains are primitive and experimental compared with databases. Traditional blockchains record information in a list format, making it difficult to store and manage complex data sets on-chain. They are also reliant on centralized servers and third-party providers.

We add Relational Databases to fix them

Chromia records structured blockchain data in linked relational tables. This innovation, which we call relational blockchain, makes it possible to query data directly on-chain, perform hundreds of read-and-write operations with a single transaction, and index block data in real-time.

We Aim to Live Up to the Blockchain's Original Promise

Chromia is the brainchild of ChromaWay, a pioneering blockchain company. Back in 2012, Alex Mizrahi, the CTO, started working together on what can be called the first implementation of user-defined assets on a blockchain. This revolutionary invention was called Colored Coins.

Since then, the three co-founders have been working on Chromia and have built a +300 global team, following their vision of a decentralized and publicly hosted application infrastructure.

Blockchain Beyond the Bubble

Relational, Not Just a Ledger

Inspired by the databases that power our world, Chromia stores information in a relational format. This allows it to read, write, and query data far more efficiently than other blockchains.

Modular, Not Monolithic

By placing each dapp and system process on its own chain and grouping them into clusters, our network offers parallel scaling, near-instant finality, and consistent transaction costs.

Connected, Not Isolated

Chromia is built from scratch, but remains connected to the cryptoverse through EVM bridging.

Games, Data, and Dapps

Web3 Game-Changers

  • Gas-free Gameplay

  • Evolutionary NFTs

  • On-Chain Logic

Need complex, structured data? We got you.

  • File Storage

  • Decentralized Relational Databases

  • AI Data Layers

Power to Developers

  • Customizable Fees

  • Code 10x faster with Rell

  • Dedicated Dapp Chains

Build Without Bullsh*t

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One Chain Per Dapp

Dapps run on dedicated chains, making them highly responsive and customizable.

Fees? Nah, Don’t Think So

Dapps pay for hosting in CHR and design their own fee models, enabling gas free transactions for end users.

A New Code On the Block

Our fourth generation blockchain language is typesafe, secure, and up to 10x more compact than its competitors.

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